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About us

We are out competent partner for construction machinery

We sell our own products on the German, Europe and World Market. 

Export of construction machines, batching plants, concrete pumps, mixers, trucks and much more.

We support business partners in Europe in their efforts to introduce their wares on the market by using our established sales channels and handling the according formalities

In case of inquiries for certain products by our business partners we will organize these products worldwide – and ascertain a speedy delivery and handling of the transaction. 

Sakr GmbH is an international company, whose headquarter is located in Hamburg, Germany. 

Our business activities are mainly focused on the import and export of wares between Germany, Europe and the global scale. In our business we rely on an extensive network of business partners throughout the entire World. Contracts that exist since many years and are built mutual trust are the basis of our operations. 

We primarily concentrate on business-to-business, business-to-customer activities and have our own industry of merchandise. 




In our business activities we follow different strategies:






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